The Ego Project

Joy Malek on Couples & Attachment Strategies

November 14, 2023 Cristine Seidell and Lisa Heidle Season 2 Episode 15
The Ego Project
Joy Malek on Couples & Attachment Strategies
Show Notes

Therapist Joy Malek joins @theegoproject to explain couples and anxious and avoidant attachment strategies.

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From Heartache to Connection: 6 Strategies for Growing Secure Attachment

In this episode of The Ego Project, we discuss:
- Anxious Attachment
- Avoidant Attachment
- What Secure Attachment looks like in a relationship
- Strategies for Growing Secure Attachment

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-Cristine Seidell is a Therapist and the Academy Director of Rise Therapy Center in Roswell, Georgia.
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-Lisa Heidle is an author, online business collaborator & consultant, and traveler.
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