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iScry with Steph on Art and Scrying

October 27, 2023 Cristine Seidell and Lisa Heidle Season 2 Episode 14
The Ego Project
iScry with Steph on Art and Scrying
Show Notes

Steph Zagorski from iScry with Steph joins The Ego Project to discuss  art, scrying, and intuition.

Visit The Ego Project Website to view the original ink blots created by Steph for Cristine and Lisa.

Topics include:

-What is scrying
-Steph's introduction to the metaphysical
-The ego work Steph has done as a scrier and tarot reader
-The intersection of art and the metaphysical
-The Ego Project inkblot
-Advice for those wanting to explore their artistic and extrasensory gifts

Artist and intuitive since childhood, and growing up with a psychic medium mother, Steph Zagorski has always considered the "paranormal" as normal. Steph's art work focuses around empathic expressionism. Utilizing ink blots to act as a visual vessel to activate the abstract mind and awaken one's ancient awareness. She believes that the interaction with scrying leads to intellectual and intuitive insights and inspirations that not only serve, but strengthen one's psyche and psychic senses.

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