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Subtle-Arts on Creativity and Collaboration

October 17, 2023 Cristine Seidell and Lisa Heidle Season 2 Episode 13
The Ego Project
Subtle-Arts on Creativity and Collaboration
Show Notes

Lisa Thrower (Creative Concierge | Art Consultant) and Connie Worthy (Licensed Mental Health Counselor) from Subtle-Arts joins The Ego Project to discuss creativity and collaboration.

Lisa and Connie created Subtle-Arts as a creative collaboration to provide inspiration and resources as support for others in achieving wholeness. As best friends and certified healers, they joined together in collaboration to offer a variety of different practices to help those on healing and growth journeys access their inner calm and highest consciousness.

Topics include:
-How Subtle-Arts came into being
-How Lisa and Connie use curiosity and creativity in their collaboration
-How collaborating has helped them see themselves and each other clearly
-How Subtle Arts has expanded their professional skills as a creative and therapist
-Advice for those wanting to enter creative collaborations

Learn more about Subtle-Arts:
Subtle-Arts Website
Subtle-Arts on LinkTree
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