The Ego Project

The Ego and Navigating Change

August 14, 2023 Cristine Seidell and Lisa Heidle Season 2 Episode 10
The Ego Project
The Ego and Navigating Change
Show Notes

In this episode of  @theegoproject therapist Cristine Seidell-Holland and author Lisa Heidle discuss Navigating Change.

Topics include:
-Why some people fear change
-Why some people create chaotic change
-How to know if a change is a "good" change
-The need for integrating change lessons
-How the spiritual belief of dharma and karma can support making changes
-How to embrace growth when making changes
-Reflective questions to ask when making changes

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About The Ego Project:

The Ego Project Podcast, hosted by therapist Cristine Seidell-Holland and author Lisa Heidle, is where we do the perfectly-imperfect work of healing our ego wounds. Through unscripted and unedited conversations with thought-leaders, therapists, spiritualists, and creatives, The Ego Project explores how ego wounding and healing impacts our lives. 

-Cristine Seidell is a Therapist and the Academy Director of Rise Therapy Center in Roswell, Georgia.
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-Lisa Heidle is an author, creativity workshop leader, and entrepreneur currently living in the Pacific Northwest.
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