The Ego Project

Introducing The Ego Project

February 10, 2023 Cristine Seidell and Lisa Heidle
The Ego Project
Introducing The Ego Project
Show Notes

Hello Friends. Welcome to The Ego Project!

We are your hosts Cristine Seidell, therapist, Human Design Coach, and entrepreneur, and Lisa Heidle, author, entrepreneur, and workshop leader, and we are super excited you decided to join us as we take a deeper look into the Ego. 

Our belief is that the ego is an important aspect of who we are. If it is healthy and healed, it can be a powerful navigation system to help us thrive in all areas of our lives. Unfortunately, through past and present experiences, ego wounding often occurs. 

The Ego Project conversations between Cristine and I, and our incredible guests, shine a light on all aspects of the ego. Through a variety of topics, we take you on a journey of self-awareness centered around humility, forgiveness, transparency, and, above all else, love and acceptance for our true selves. 

Come be a part of The Ego Project conscious collective. We are thrilled to have you with us!

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